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4 smart things I did during college to kickstart my dream career

There are things you can do in college that will lead you to your dream job.
  • Your career path is unlikely to be a straight one that leads directly to your dream job.
  • There are things you can do in college, like interning and finding a mentor, that can position you as a qualified candidate for your dream job.
  • Here are the four smartest things author Audrey Noble did in college that helped kick-start her career.

When I graduated in 2014, the golden age ofmagazineswas on its way out, so I had to work hard to land one of the few availablejobsin my preferred area of media.

No matter your field, many people who are applying for your desired job may be just as, if not more, qualified than you. For example, I grew up and went to college inLos Angeles, with no connections to the magazine world (which is largely based in New York City).

I knew that myresuméwasn't going to be filled with the same big-name brands someone who had gone to school and done multiple internships in Manhattan, so I looked for ways to find an my "in" while I was in college across the country.

If I hadn't done things like find a mentor and go on informational interviews, I may not have gotten the job that kicked off my career. Here are the four of thesmartestthings I did before graduating that got me to where I am today.

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