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10 survival myths that might get you killed

Mito: si un tiburón te ataca, golpéale en la nariz [RE]
Shayanne Gal/Dragan Radovanovic/Business Insider

With months of good weather ahead, it's an excellent time to set out on an adventure. But if you run into trouble, you'll want to make sure you know what to do.

Sure, you have to look out for ticks and mosquitoes, but there's something about the idea of being able to survive in the wilderness that's thrilling. We glorify it with TV shows like "Survivor" and "Man vs. Wild."

But survival in the harsh conditions of nature is no simple affair, and most lessons can't be learned from television. In fact, some of the "survival advice" that we've picked up over the years is wrong, often dangerously so.

Here are some myths you don't want to rely on if a short jaunt outdoors turns disastrous.

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