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The 7 smartest things I did before starting my job

Organizar tu tiempo por anticipado puede ayudarte en tu nuevo trabajo [RE]
  • Starting a job is an exciting new chapter that furthers your career.
  • A career change can be overwhelming, but if you prepare ahead of time, you'll transition into your new position with ease.
  • Author Ryan Ariano researched his industry and made a game plan before starting his job, and it helped him get off to a great start.

Starting a new job is like moving to a place you've never been before: It can be scary and exciting at the same time.

I've found success in several different industries, but it wasn't until four years ago that I combined my love of travel with my experience working at a talent agency, my marketing skills, and my production knowledge to become an entertainment travel agent.

My future boss warned me during the interview that it would take half a year to get up to speed. But using a few tips honed over a life of job-hopping, I got up to speed in about half that time and even earned my first raise in four months.

Here are seven of the smartest things I did before starting my new job:

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