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From off-roading in China to 22 hours of sunlight in Moscow: the one thing you have to do in 12 countries around the world

Me on my way out of the US.
  • This past March, I left New York to travel around the world as Business Insider's International Correspondent. Over the course of 5+ months, I have so far visited 12 countries and had countless adventures.
  • I decided it would be fun to pick the best, most epic adventure that I had in each country, from off-roading in the desert in Inner Mongolia to visiting one of the seven wonders of the world in Jordan and partying all night in Seoul, South Korea.
  • While I hate travel bucket lists, I hope that sharing my favorite recent adventures may provide some inspiration for both travel junkies and those looking to take their first trip abroad.

I'll be honest: I hate bucket lists.

To me, they turn what should be a freeing experience of discovery - travel - and turn it into an endless checklist where you constantly feel inadequate against the things you haven't done.

I prefer traveling with less of a plan. I pick a country beforehand, and maybe a few destinations within, and trust that I'll encounter amazing people, sights, and adventures so long as I say yes.

When I left to travel as Business Insider's International Correspondent this past March, I approached the trip the same way.

From China to Russia to Israel, I have found myself in the middle of more adventures than I can remember. There's been off-roading in the desert in Inner Mongolia, visiting one of the seven wonders of the world in Jordan, and partying all night in Seoul, to name a few.

With twelve countries checked off on the trip so far, I decided it was time to pinpoint my favorite adventure in each place. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration for your next trip abroad.

Here's what's gone down so far:

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